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Thief gear guide ffxi
Thief gear guide ffxi

Thief gear guide ffxi

Download Thief gear guide ffxi

Download Thief gear guide ffxi

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FFXI Thief walkthrough lv 1-99 ..2013 by jason zero this guide is for a now go to the equipment menu and check out ur dinky little onionNov 5, 2011 - What would you like to see for your job: Thief Edition! Vlorsutes, 7 returning thief with gear questions · NightstalkerofValefor, 3, 1,999, Mar 01 2013 by Meldi.Quick Adoulin guide? :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM31 May 2013I feel like a failure soloing in dyna on thf. Help? :: Final 6 Nov 2012Cool Gear at 99? :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM29 Feb 2012Attempt at a THF Guide O_O :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM12 Oct 2004More results from ffxi.allakhazam.comUser:Malizia/99 Thief Equipment Guide - Gamer Escape's Thief Equipment Guide. malinote: much of the HQ2 gear is painfully difficult or expensive to get - such is the price you pay for best-in-slot gear!

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Items link to HQ versions, however you can always use the NQ item., At level 20 Thief/Ninja, and Apr 11, 2013 - i got myself an aurore set and the raider set, a Thief's Knife and an Oynos Knife. I had a friend help me +2 some of my gear but he's getting busy MDT set in guide is a bit dated,. THF - MDT. Is ideal with all head/body/hand/leg/feet taken up with high ilvl gear with HP, MEVA and MDB whilst

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Jul 25, 2014 - Right now the only option I have seen is find a guide with gear and then hope it has it in steps like the thief guide @ Problem being FFXI Auction House Online. Sadly, like many of the other guide authors here on FFXIAH I'm not There are only a few pieces of gear that a Thief can wear to increase their Treasure Hunter rating, to a maximum of "TH8":. Exploring FFXI · Friends & Foes. Bestiary the suggestions up to 50. Refer to Thief: Guide to Playing the Job for more information on THF. . To use only a single +DEX and +AGI set of gear for THF is not advised. A daggers low DMG rating There was a big gap in the FFXIclopedia guides about what THF does in endgame, If you want to be the bestest of the bestest of all the THFs in FFXI, first make sure Make sure your first hit on a monster uses all your TH gear, then pick and

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